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Due to the late planting season in 2018, growers are becoming more and more worried about potential yield losses due to planting delays. Read More

Winter wheat growers will soon be applying herbicides to manage weeds in their wheat fields. Read More

Planting of spring small grains is much delayed this year. Read More

Alfalfa producers are questioning how to access their alfalfa fields for winter injury. Read More

Farmers have begun to consider switching acres away from small grains and into later-planted row crops such as corn or soybeans. Read More

The purpose of this article is to assess each of these factors and project the timeliness of planting the 2018 U.S. corn crop. Read More

Ag Decision Maker article discusses protection options from cool, wet spring. Read More

Given the persistence of cold and wet conditions into early April, it is clear spring of 2018 won’t allow an early start for field operations in the Midwest. Read More

The first step to improving nitrogen-use efficiency and crowding tolerance, all while maximizing yield, is understanding the genetic yield potential of current hybrids. Read More