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As harvest progresses, fields become ready to be soil sampled. Read More

This fall most areas are good for fall weed control, but there will also be some areas that it may not be the best. Read More

This is the first in a series of iGrow articles that will be dedicated to issues and questions related to establishing, re-establishing, and maintaining grass-based plantings for grazing, hay, wildlife, and recreation. Read More

Recommendations for reducing the spread of herbicide-resistant weed seed this fall in soybeans. Read More

An innovative online tool developed by a Purdue University engineering professor will allow farmers to process data collected from their fields without requiring them to share it with third-party companies. Read More

Areas in a field with plants droppings leaves earlier than normal should be scouted to rule out diseases such as charcoal rot, brown stem rot, or sudden death syndrome. Read More

Much of wheat’s yield potential is determined at planting. Attain top yields by having a uniform stand that has time to achieve significant growth before winter dormancy. Read More

New Corn Diseases publication from ISU Extension and Outreach. Read More

Tips for reducing your losses whether you have lodged plants or short ones with brittle pods. Read More