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Our early prediction of grasshopper populations was that there would be areas where outbreaks would be possible during 2018. Read More

White mold is one of the most problematic diseases impacting soybean production. Read More

The increase in Japanese Beetle activity has led to questions from producers regarding thresholds for corn and soybean rescue treatments. Read More

Foliar diseases, especially Gray Leaf Spot, are beginning to show up in some corn fields. Read More

It is important to recognize that dicamba is not the only Group 4 herbicide capable of injuring soybean. Read More

Healthy grasslands are generally identified by the plant community. Read More

The spray season is coming to an end shortly. Read More

Sunflower producers may want to start scouting earlier than usual this year. Read More

Although Lygus bugs are generally not an issue for most crops, they can cause serious injury to field peas if pod feeding occurs. Read More