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Consider Label Restrictions for Corn and Soybean Insecticides

Growers harvesting or grazing drought- and storm-damaged corn and soybeans for livestock feed need to be alert to label restrictions of any insecticides applied to these crops.

In some cases, it is illegal to graze or feed harvested crops if certain insecticides have been applied. Several insecticides, including some pyrethroids labeled for soybeans, have language such as, “Do not graze or harvest treated soybean forage, straw, or hay for livestock feed.” These include Ambush 2E, Arctic 3.2EC, Asana XL, Belay, Delta Gold 1.5EC, Endigo ZC, Gaucho and Poncho/Votivo seed treatment, Hero, Lorsban Advanced, Mustang MAX EC, Nufos 4E, Pounce 25WP, Proaxis, Respect EC, Stallion, Steed, Steward, Tracer, Warrior II. This is not an exhaustive list.

In other cases there may be pre-harvest intervals to consider. For example in soybeans, several pyrethroid insecticides have 45-day preharvest intervals. These include Baythroid XL, products containing gamma-cyhalothrin, and Leverage. Other products, such as Cobalt and Warrior, have 30-day preharvest intervals. Similar restrictions apply to some corn insecticides.

Before you feed or graze corn or soybean crops to livestock, be sure to check the label of any insecticides applied earlier in the season, to be aware of any restrictions that may apply.

Source: Bob Wright, University of Nebraska Extension